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Society for Digital Mental Health

Mission and Values

The Society for Digital Mental Health is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the advancement of digital mental health through disseminating knowledge and research, working collectively with stakeholders to promote the equitable implementation of digital mental health services, and supporting effective and sustainable policy.


The SDMH grew out of the Banbury Forum, a meeting held in 2019 with a broad range of representatives, including from healthcare, payers, research, policy, investment, and patient advocacy, to examine the research-to-practice gap in digital mental health in the United States…

Strategic Goals

Covid-19 was an accelerator for digital mental health. Much has changed since the Banbury Forum in the healthcare, legislative, regulatory, and research environments, as our country has experienced increases in mental health challenges and substance abuse. Our strategic goals continue to evolve to meet and address these challenges in a changing environment.

Reimbursement and policy

Reimbursement challenges have been a barrier to the growth and widespread use of digital mental health tools. SDMH is working with other organizations representing provider groups, industry, and people with lived experience to promote regulatory and reimbursement policy through legislation, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, and the American Medical Association. We seek to coordinate policy agendas and messaging to advance sustainable and equitable policies that will enable the broad and equitable dissemination of digital mental health services.


While a large body of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of digital mental health tools and services, successful implementation has proven difficult. Many of the growing number of efforts in this area occur outside of academic research and there are few established methods of sharing the information from these efforts. We are working with representatives from companies and industry to develop an implementation “playbook”, which can aggregate information on practices that have been successful and unsuccessful.

Sharing Research

SDMH provides a forum for researchers in academics and industry to share findings from high quality, innovative, and impactful research. We offer an annual conference, the first of which was held in 2022. We also provide newsletters and promote research through social media.


Digital mental health has the potential to decrease barriers to accessing mental health care. SDMH is committed to ensuring that digital mental health research, policy, and implementation prioritizes the needs of those groups who have not been well served by our mental healthcare system.

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