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Student & Trainee SIG

About the Student & Trainee SIG

Undergraduate students, graduate students, and trainees not only represent a large portion of the SDMH membership, but are future leaders in industry, academia, healthcare. This SIG seeks to provide opportunities for students and trainees to network and learn about the multidisciplinary career opportunities available across domains of digital mental health. Furthermore, this SIG seeks to connect students and trainees across national institutions and disciplines, promoting connection, collaboration, and support during this critical period of training. Throughout all our activities, the SIG aims to promote values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and work to demystify the “hidden curriculum” of applying to and succeeding in digital mental health careers. If you are interested in joining the Student & Trainee SIG, please contact Emma Wolfe at

Student & Trainee SIG Leadership

Emma Wolfe, B.A.


Ph.D. Student, University of Virginia, Program for Anxiety, Cognition, and Treatment (PACT) Lab.

Emily Hersch, B.A.


Ph.D. Student, University of Massachusetts, Boston, the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

Crystal Castillo, B.A.

Post-Bacc Chair

Clinical Research Coordinator, Mass General Hospital.

Page Anderson, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of Psychology, Georgia State University, Director of the Georgia State University Anxiety Research and Treatment Lab.